Book your Black Friday cuddle in a four-star hotel

I’m a Certified Cuddlist, and I’m hosting cuddle sessions in a four-star hotel the day after Thanksgiving. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, why not get away from the family and the Black Friday sales for a couple of hours and treat yourself to a cuddle session? I’m booking sessions now at 50% off, only $40 per hour, from 9am to 5pm. Email me to book your session:

5 Reasons to book a cuddle session with me when you’re in Phoenix/Scottsdale on business

I’m a Cuddlist-certified professional touch practitioner, a male professional cuddler. Here are five reasons to book a session with me when you travel to my city, the Phoenix/Scottsdale area of Arizona.

  1. You may want a human connection that is intimate yet platonic. I can provide that! I have no desire to do anything but cuddle with you and keep you company.
  2. You may be feeling lonely and in need of some self-care and uplifting. You may have a presentation or performance and want to relax, feel great, and be at your best for your big show— or you may want someone to unwind with afterward. You may be bored or anxious and want to have some companionship and comfort. I can help you make your visit more personally fulfilling. I’m even happy to be your “emotional support human” at a dreaded event (as long as we’re not pretending to be something we aren’t).
  3. You may be in a committed relationship and just want to be held without any expectations or commitments. I know from experience that when I travel I feel lonely. I’m also married and don’t want to cheat on my partner. I believe it is fair to say that cuddling outside of marriage is not cheating, because it is a platonic activity. If you are married, you and I can cuddle, remain faithful to our partners, and even return to them with more of our own needs met so we can attend to theirs.
  4. You may travel often and want a safe harbor to return to each time you’re here— someone you can reconnect with who makes no demands on you for friendship or anything other than a relationship that’s therapeutic for you.
  5. I live near the regional airports in Deer Valley and Scottsdale, and only a half-hour from Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport, so I can easily travel to you if you are staying in a hotel in the area.

Now you have five reasons to book a platonic session with me, a certified professional male cuddler, when you travel to the greater Phoenix metropolitan area!

Featured image photo credit: This is a landscape I took from the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale (the garden actually straddles all three).