Things I love to do in San Francisco

A friend tweeted me today to ask me what I recommend doing in San Francisco for seven days. The list is too long to put in a tweet, so here it is, touristiness be damned!

Go to Market & Powell and enjoy the old buildings and the excitement of the crowds, many of whom are residents, not tourists. Be there at the cable car terminus to help push the trolley car around so it faces back to where it came from. While there, go to the Gap in the Flood Building.
James Flood Building

Take the Powell–Hyde cable car to Ghirardelli Square.
Ghirardelli Square at night

See the Six Sisters Victorian row houses from Alamo Square.
The Six Sisters

Take in the view of San Francisco from Twin Peaks.
View of San Francisco from Twin Peaks

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Rent a paddle boat with a buddy at Stow Lake.
Waterfall along Stow Lake

Go to City Hall and, if possible, go inside. It’s amazing.
City Hall, Mall View

Go to the Castro and get that Gay Card stamped. 😉 See a movie at the Castro Theatre. Explore Castro Street and the bars, of course. I love the walk–in pizza place on Castro just south of Market. (I just Google Mapped it and it came up Marcello’s Pizza. I don’t know if it’s always been under the same ownership, but I’ve seen that pizza place there every time I’ve gone to the Castro since 1985. The sit–down restaurant just down from there is really nice too (I just Google Street Viewed it, and it looks to be the Cove Cafe).
Castro Theatre

Last but not least, savor those “only in San Francisco” moments. I have at least one each time I go! "Gay & Proud" Man, SF Gay Pride 1985
Healthy Penis – only in San Francisco!

All the photos on this page were taken by me, Daniel Greene. All rights reserved.

First night at sea, can’t sleep…

Woke up at 2 this morning after going to sleep at 9. Lay in bed wishing I could get up, get a bowl of cereal, and get on the Internet. Tried to devise a plan to write this geomoblog without consuming too many of my paid connection minutes. Left the room at 3 and went looking for a midnight snack. Was told that I could order from the Blue Lagoon 24 hours a day. First went outside to get my geoposition. Couldn’t get it on the Promenade Deck even after standing out there for 5 minutes, so I walked up to the pool, sat down with no walls around me, got my coordinates, and took this photo of the pool at night.

Why would I go to so much trouble to find my location? Well, I’m geeky that way, and I consider it a challenge to create a geotagged mobile log (geomoblog) of our travels so that friends and family can follow our progress and see where we are in the world. The reason I’m taking and posting these photos to is via Flickr is so that you can click on each photo to see it on Flickr and click the map link to the right of the photo on the Flickr photo page. You are also welcome to leave comments either on Flickr or on, although I regret I won’t have the time to read your comments much less reply to them until I get free Wi-Fi again. And even if and when I get free connectivity, it is bad for my hands to write much on this little keyboard, and besides, I’m on vacation! 😛 (more…)