Walking around The District in Nashville

It was sort of like walking the Las Vegas Strip, only smaller, and with live music in every venue you walked by. Only thing is, all I heard were covers. I guess I should have gone elsewhere to hear original country music. Still, it was a change of scene, and something for my husband & me to do while visiting here in Nashville.

Thanks to the lady who gave us her parking ticket! There was almost two hours left on it, and it saved us $15!
Thanks to the lady who gave us her parking ticket! There was almost two hours left on it, and it saved us $15!

We’re proud to be an American

Andy & I had mixed feelings about our visit to WTC & 9/11 memorial
Andy & me at the World Trade Center & 9/11 memorial

Or at least we know we’re free– to walk around this site, that is. As much as it saddened and frightened me on 9/11, and as much as I respect the people who died, the people who died trying to save them–and the people who survived–I was glad to be over the hour-and-a-half ordeal it took us to get into this mall/quad/park so we could actually experience it. I can’t imagine it’s going to be this hard to get in once all the construction is complete, is it? I mean, it’s a public space in public streets surrounded by public buildings. It shouldn’t take that much security just to walk around there. Just my opinion, no offense intended.


Long beach walk in Sunken Meadow State Park

Andy and I took a weeklong vacation to New York the second week of May, and one of our adventures was a long walk on the beach near Kings Park, NY, where I lived for a year–and–a–half as a kid. I put together this video of stills and movies of our time on the beach.

There are many more photos of our trip in my New York 2011 collection and Andy’s New York Spring 2011 collection on Flickr.

Adéu, Barcelona! Adios, España!

Taken as we were entering the gate to board our plane at BCN. We got home late last night after getting up at 6 AM on Friday morning and getting home 24 1/2 hours later at 10:30 PM Arizona time. I took so many photos of the trip, there’s no way I can dole them out three per day the way I usually do. Today, I uploaded about 51 photos that I shot with my cameraphone, and that’s only 3.7% of the 1364 photos and 13 videos I took with my regular camera during our two-week trip. I hope those people who said, “Take lots of photos! I can’t wait to see them all!” really meant it! 😉

P.S. There are tons of photos up already with many more to come. Go to Flickr and see my Mediterranean Cruise 2008 and Barcelona 2008 photo collections. Also check out Andy’s Mediterranean Cruise set on Flickr.