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  • Siri’s possessed “Yeah”

    Siri’s possessed “Yeah”

    I think Siri must’ve been possessed for Halloween. I dictated a nonchalant ‘yeah’ in a message and it read it back to me like somebody saying “Yeah!” with jazz hands. pic.twitter.com/fz2GMn4JF9 — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) November 2, 2018

  • Put all my voiceover samples on SoundCloud

    I like SoundCloud! I finally uploaded all my voiceover samples into an album. Enjoy at your leisure.

  • Got SoundCloud and posted my first sound

    The first sound I posted was an audiobook voiceover demo I did in 2002:

  • Had Lunch with Jared Evans!

    One of the first people I saw when I got to the CIT conference on Wednesday was Jared Evans of DeafRead. We went out to lunch together and discussed blogging, vlogs, captioned videos, and voice acting (voiceover) for ASL videos. He’s just as nice and smart a guy as I felt he was from his…

  • Voiceover Workshop with Nick Omana

    Working at the Mic Today, I took a voiceover workshop with Nick Omana. I got a lot of time at the mic because it was a small class. Nick taught us about vocal “colors”– an interesting approach to character work using color symbolism as a frame of reference. We practiced approaching the same copy with…