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  • I’m Going IN!

    Zoey enjoys a cranberry pumpkin smoothie to get in the holiday spirit.

  • Our Chihuahua Zoey does her ground-scratching ballet

    The funniest thing about how our little dog scratches the ground is how she holds her hind legs back in a stretched pose. The other funny thing about her is she will scratch the ground to mark it with the scent glands in her paws even if she hasn’t peed or pooped. I’ve never seen…

  • Introducing our new doggie girl, Zoey

    She stands on hind legs for a nibble of cheese Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene We adopted a new dog into our lives. Her name is Zoey, and she’s a small Chihuahua. If a picture tells a thousand words, then eighteen photos of Zoey tells a nice story. And if a picture tells a thousand…