Vanessa Busico

I have known Daniel for over 10 years, when he was my American Sign Language interpreter. Daniel would make an exceptional addition to your program with his exemplar record as an interpreter and supporter of the deaf community.

As a member of the deaf community, I am selective when deciding upon interpreters based on their level of skill, speed and knowledge of the subject to interpret. Daniel has always been my primary choice for an interpreter, given his fluid talent to interpret a subject as well as his superior intelligence that allowed him to quickly comprehend the subject discussed. Daniel has always demonstrated an eagerness and motivation to familiarize himself with subjects such as my graduate level courses, to ensure his ability to provide me with the best interpreting services. Because of his motivation and intelligence, Daniel has been able to accommodate other clients with his interpreting services in various settings as well as accommodate the level of communication of the clients. Daniel is a kind and patient individual exhibiting a positive attitude when working with my colleagues and myself. These qualities are imperative for an interpreter to gain a deaf client’s comfort and approval. Daniel’s warm and attentive personality that he presents instantly attracts individuals toward building meaningful friendship and an established trust with him.