Twitter Updates for 2009-03-12

  • @the808girl I don’t think I can do transliteration vs. translation justice in 140 characters. Write me: no spam at Daniel Greene dot com. #
  • Just finished playing Wii Sports for a while. I enjoy the non-threatening training in baseball, bowling, golf, tennis, and boxing. It’s fun! #
  • Prepping to interpret lecture by Alfred Lubrano, Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams at Phoenix College #
  • I renamed my blog post: Sexting highlights society’s issues with privacy and shame. #
  • @Bobilu When HOVRS interviewed me in January 2004, they did so over webcam– even though I was using a Mac (and still am). VRS Co’s should! #
  • Listening to a story on sexting has me thinking over a lot of issues related to nudity, pornography, & social taboos related to sex & youth. #
  • Excuse me; I’m about to get my hands greasy eating a large slice of New York combo pizza at Streets of New York. Om-nom-nom-nom. #
  • I Googled “best local restaurant Thunderbird Glendale” and it led me to Zorbas. My GPS directed me to it but it seems to have been replaced. #
  • I guess you have to have a lot more followers to get quick answers to questions thrown out there on Twitter. 😉 #
  • Anyone know of a great local eatery near 55th Ave & Thunderbird in Glendale? #
  • Just parked at an interpreting job & finished listening to @ev & @biz on @totn. Writing a novel 140 chars at a time… cool idea! #
  • Interesting how waking up at 6 after getting to bed at 10 I feel more refreshed than waking up at 7 after getting to bed at 11! #goodmorning #

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