Twitter Updates for 2009-03-14

  • #TGIF Andy & I are going to a friend’s house for dinner. Have a great time at #evfn & #sxsw tonight! Wish I could beam from place to place! #
  • I wonder how soon before I’m invited to join the group, “100,000,000 Against the New Facebook!” #
  • OH @ library That’ll be $2 for a replacement card. Hm… been a long time? You’re not in the system, so a new card is free. (makes sense?) #
  • @calitrano RT “Just get to the F’N point!” Ha! Don’t tell me you’ll be happy to help me; just help me! #TMobile #CustomerService in reply to calitrano #
  • Anyone else out there who can’t stand T-Mobile telephone customer service? All the sympathies, paraphrases, repetitions of everything I say! #

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