Twitter Updates for 2009-03-16

  • Watching Brothers & Sisters on DVR. Hubby just erased Celebrity Apprentice. Sorry @zappos! #
  • Just bought a Wii Fit at the Game Stop in Christown Mall. Just learned of reviews on last week & didn’t know they had stores. #
  • BTW, the guy at the Indian restaurant who asked if I were blogging was a young American-accented Indian guy with a turban. He has a G1 too! #
  • Just saw a very tall man and a little dwarf woman within three minutes. If it’s a sign, I’m not sure of what. Anyway, long live diversity! #
  • We’re at Indian Delhi Palace. “Taking a picture of our food?” Yes! “Probably blogging now, right?” Right! 😉 #
  • Andy & I are heading to the Desert Botanical garden with guest passes. Anyone interested? DM me. The cactus & succulent show is there now. #
  • @bookgrl & @anyvite Thanks for your suggestions. #
  • We’re at Rose Mofford dog park. #

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