Twitter Updates for 2009-03-21

  • Oh. I just noticed I just wrote my 500th update! Well, well. Good night everybody. I hope to read your answers re: @mrtweet in the morning. #
  • Someone please tell me what’s up with @mrtweet. I followed three Fridays ago and I haven’t gotten a single recommendation. Is this for real? #
  • Just got beat by husband at Wii tennis and beat him at Wii golf. I sure had a lot of fun losing at tennis, though! Returned lots of balls! #
  • Wow! What a powerful episode of Grey’s Anatomy! Sometimes I don’t like any of the characters. Tonight I love them, flaws and all. #
  • Searched Twitter for izzie izze: I see that other people caught the pun as well! #
  • Watching Grey’s Anatomy on DVR. Izzie’s drinking an Izze at lunch. Did anyone notice the pun? #
  • The hubbub over Obama’s self-effacing joke about his bowling score “it was like Special Olympics or something” is ludicrous. Sense of humor! #
  • Now, off to indulge in my love/hate relationship with the Wii Fit. Really. must. step. away. from. the. computer! #
  • How do you like my updated Wii & Wii Fit review with photos from my Flickr account? #
  • RT @rgutel: Today’s the last day of NPR’s Day to Day. 😦 Sad to hear, Renée. #

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