How to get your Flickr photos to show up in your Facebook profile

[Updated 2/13/12 with current directions.]

So many of my Facebook / Flickr friends ask me this question, I’m going to blog the answer for the good of whoever wants to know. It’s easy, actually; Flickr will link to your Facebook account and automatically post your latest uploads to your FB profile.

Just go to your Flick Account Settings and click on the Sharing & Extending tab. See at the bottom of the page? Where you see “Share Flickr photos to other sites,” click “edit” to the right of “Facebook.” If you haven’t connected Flickr to Facebook, click the Connect button. Check “Automatically share your public Flickr uploads anywhere your Facebook updates are shown.” After editing, Facebook should show “Activity Updates: ON.” Link your accounts to share your Flickr updates on Facebook.” When you upload new photos to Flickr, they will automatically be posted to your Facebook profile.

So, there you have it. That’s how to link your Flickr account to your Facebook account and have your Flickr photos show up in your Facebook profile.






18 responses to “How to get your Flickr photos to show up in your Facebook profile”

  1. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Your Facebook profile picture has to come from a picture you upload to Facebook; it can't be an image linked to Flickr.


  2. monica Avatar

    how do you make it into your facebook profile picture?


  3. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Good point. I wasn't even thinking of Pages. You can use Tabfusion for this. See how I have my Flickr photos on my Facebook Page.


  4. Skweekah Avatar

    Wont work with business page etc, had to point to an actual profile. I think you forgot to specifically mention that. You just made mention of account.


  5. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Glad it worked! Thanks for sharing about removing the connection and adding it back. I think I had to do that once too.You can get the Share on Facebook bookmarklet and use it to share individual photos or sets— or any webpage anywhere.


  6. Kathy Schwartz Avatar

    It works now, Daniel. I deleted the connection again and then re-added it and THEN used my Yahoo! email address and now it works. I guess changing the username in FB doesn't work.Too bad you can't go back to old photos and share them out on FB individually or as a set. Maybe that's coming.Thanks for your help!Kathy


  7. Kathy Schwartz Avatar

    Hi Daniel – I changed the user name to my Y! email address and am still getting the same error on FB: The email or user name you entered is not valid. Please verify and try again.What the heck??


  8. Daniel Greene Avatar

    You should enter your Yahoo email address since Flickr is a Yahoo company. Also, Flickr's new share-with-Facebook method uses Yahoo Updates.


  9. Kathy Schwartz Avatar

    Hi Daniel – I did the FB connect with Flick back in June and it never worked. I tried hitting update on FB settings as you suggested and it still didn't work. So, I removed the connection in Flickr and reestablished it and now FB says: The email or user name you entered is not valid. Please verify and try again.I'm using my Flickr username (kathymschwartz). Where in Flickr do I find the email? There was an email address (looked like a made-up one with letters and numbers) in the old connection settings. But I didn't see where to enter an email address with the new connection – it just wanted my Flickr username.I'm a paying PRO account user but if I can't easily share my photos from Flickr to FB, I don't see why I should continue to pay. Flickr doesn't even let us paying folks talk directly to them.Any help is very much appreciated!


  10. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Hey, y'all. Flickr actually implemented a new integration with Facebook using Yahoo! Updates, so you might want to check that out.


  11. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Yeah. Sometimes there’s an empty box where the preview would be, but it usually fills in a while later if not right away.


  12. Eugenio Avatar

    Sometimes facebook imports the story without the picture, so basically something like "Eugenio upload a photo to flickr" exactly as in the normal case but without the preview of the pic on the left, very strange…did this ever happen to you?


  13. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Well, it does work if you do it right, Machiya. Sometimes Facebook will throw up an error message that says, “Importing from external site failed,” but as long as Facebook is working, it will work. I don’t know why you would get everyone else’s photos unless you didn’t set it up with your own account. Try all the steps again, from going to your own Flickr account, clicking on the Extending Flickr tab, and clicking on “Your Facebook account Link your accounts to share your Flickr updates on Facebook.” Please leave another comment if that works.


  14. Machiya Avatar

    Flat out doesn't do anything. If I take the steps listed in the "caveat," I get everyone else's pictures, which is not what I'm looking for. You'd think one would need to tell one application (Flickr) to automatically send the information, and the other (Facebook) to be ready to accept it.


  15. sarah Avatar

    Just the info i needed – many thanks!


  16. Anthony Avatar

    Thanks for the post. I did this and all it did was jump to my facebook page. Is there a way to (a) know if this worked and (b) turn it off?Thanks.


  17. Patrick Avatar

    Thanks Daniel!


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