How not to break your Nexus One Car Dock

… and what to do if you do.

My HTC Nexus One Car Dock broke only a few months after I got it. I searched the Internet about this, and found that I was not alone. One man suggested a way to handle it with care and I am now following his advice with my replacement dock. I am providing this video to give you a visual tutorial about how to baby your fragile car dock. Hope it works for you!

In case your car dock breaks, I recommend that you do what I did: call HTC Repair and tell them that your Nexus One Car Dock broke and you want them to send you a replacement under the one-year warranty. If they give you any trouble, tell them that you know of other people whose car docks broke and who received replacements. They should email you an RMA label. You will have to box up your broken car dock and drop it off at a FedEx with the provided shipping label. HTC Repair should receive it within a couple of days, process the replacement in a couple of days, and ship it back to you via FedEx in a couple of days; i.e., you “should” have a new one in your hands within a week.

What happened in my case is they dropped the ball on processing the replacement, and I didn’t call and bug them about it until three weeks after my tracking number said they received it. I recommend that you call them as soon as you see from your tracking number that they have received it and ask them to confirm receipt of your old one and provide a tracking number for delivery of your new one. Be the squeaky wheel, and good luck!





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