How I like using Google+ (plus)

I got an invite to join Google+ a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been using it a lot and enjoying it very much. It combines the privacy of Facebook (even more privacy than Facebook, actually) with the openness of Twitter. It’s better than Twitter in that you can have longer than 140-character conversations — like on Facebook — yet it’s open like Twitter in that you get to meet a lot of people by viewing people’s comments and profiles. It’s really more than the sum of Facebook and Twitter, though. Just like any musical artist you might say is like so-and-so meets so-and-so, Google+ has its own vibe and unique contribution… it’s just too new a genre to put a finger on yet. Still, I like it very much and I am using it more than Facebook these days. I’ve been using Google services for a few years now, and I integrate them with my Android phone, so Google+ is a natural extension of all that. I like that it has a toolbar that contains all my other Google services like Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Photos, YouTube, etc.

If you would like to circle me on Google+, search for Daniel Greene or go to my Google profile.





One response to “How I like using Google+ (plus)”

  1. setpiecetaker Avatar

    I really think Google have finally cracked it. It was inevitable something was going to eventually challenge Facebook, it was always going to be the behemoth that is Google. Google have so many service that people already use which could give them the edge.


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