Is talking with a group better than talking to the world?

twitter logo map 09
twitter logo map 09 (Photo credit: The Next Web)

Last week, I had a realization that maybe talking to a group — or with a group — was more satisfying than talking to the world. This week, the makers of Twitter started two new ways of communicating this week: Branch and Medium. How funny to see my thoughts being reflected in new media! Perhaps the thought that it’s more satisfying to speak with a group than to speak to the world is an idea whose time has come, but I think it depends on what you’re talking about. I’m sure that Biz Stone and Evan Williams don’t mean to disparage Twitter, the medium they started — though they certainly seem to in their introductory video to Medium. In the video, the voiceover narrator says, “There’s noise, outspoken jerks, off-topic bickering, empty engagement. We know we can do better.”  Maybe they think they have to say what we’ve been doing is not working, so we have to do their new thing. Sort of like creating the problem to sell the solution. I think it’s more like an “and” than an “or,” though, even in the way they frame it. They may disparage Twitter too much albeit not by name, but they also sell Branch and Medium as ways to, well, branch off Twitter into longer and more intimate conversations — that they world can see. If our greatest writers only ever shared with small groups, we wouldn’t have great books. Then again, some of our greatest books started out small, and some of our greatest writers were unappreciated in their lifetimes. It’s all a matter of balance. I’ll try all three. My Twitter handle is @danielgreene, and it will be the same on Branch and Medium. Maybe I’ll talk with you there!

What do you think are the advantages & disadvantages of sharing with groups and sharing with the world?






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