I read a Walt Whitman poem in English, Spanish, & French

Someone introduced me to Reverb, so:

  • I read a short poem by Walt Whitman in English, Spanish, and French.
  • Leí un poema de Walt Whitman en inglés, español, y francés.
  • J’ai lu un poème de Walt Whitman en anglais, espagnol, et français.


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3 responses to “I read a Walt Whitman poem in English, Spanish, & French”

  1. Cliff Avatar

    Wow. That was impressive. I didn’t know you were fluent enough in Spanish and French to pull that off. Between Spanish and French, which one do you enjoy speaking more?


    1. Daniel Greene Avatar

      Thanks, Cliff. I enjoy speaking both! I’ve taken four courses of each language, and the last seven years I’ve been studying Spanish with renewed intensity. I even occasionally do trilingual interpreting (ASL/ENG/SPA).


      1. Cliff Avatar

        Impressive dedication.


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