Adéu, Barcelona! Adios, España!

Taken as we were entering the gate to board our plane at BCN. We got home late last night after getting up at 6 AM on Friday morning and getting home 24 1/2 hours later at 10:30 PM Arizona time. I took so many photos of the trip, there’s no way I can dole them out three per day the way I usually do. Today, I uploaded about 51 photos that I shot with my cameraphone, and that’s only 3.7% of the 1364 photos and 13 videos I took with my regular camera during our two-week trip. I hope those people who said, “Take lots of photos! I can’t wait to see them all!” really meant it! 😉

P.S. There are tons of photos up already with many more to come. Go to Flickr and see my Mediterranean Cruise 2008 and Barcelona 2008 photo collections. Also check out Andy’s Mediterranean Cruise set on Flickr.

Settling into the Barri Gotic

This is the street our hotel is off of. I took this just before sundown, when the streetlamps were lit and the setting sun was bathing the Gothic buildings. When I took this, I was standing at the entrance to Carrer de Ferran just off Las Ramblas. We found a little place here on Ferran with free Wi-Fi called Fresh & Ready, where I’m eating a strawberry Danone yogurt from a little glass jar. Andy & I just had our first dinner in town– a beautiful hot plate of grilled veggies soaked in olive oil and another plate of tortilla espanola (potato, egg, and cheese cake).

Today we lucked out since museums are free the first Sunday of every month. We saw the Picasso, geological, and zoological museums. Tonight, we’re thinking of going to a Spanish guitar concert in a Gothic cathedral. It rained quite a bit today, so the museums were a good option.