Adéu, Barcelona! Adios, España!

Adéu, Barcelona! Adios, España!
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

Taken as we were entering the gate to board our plane at BCN. We got home late last night after getting up at 6 AM on Friday morning and getting home 24 1/2 hours later at 10:30 PM Arizona time. I took so many photos of the trip, there’s no way I can dole them out three per day the way I usually do. Today, I uploaded about 51 photos that I shot with my cameraphone, and that’s only 3.7% of the 1364 photos and 13 videos I took with my regular camera during our two-week trip. I hope those people who said, “Take lots of photos! I can’t wait to see them all!” really meant it! 😉

P.S. There are tons of photos up already with many more to come. Go to Flickr and see my Mediterranean Cruise 2008 and Barcelona 2008 photo collections. Also check out Andy’s Mediterranean Cruise set on Flickr.






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