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  • Blog 2014: The Lifestyle category

    Blog 2014: The Lifestyle category

    I was looking for a category for my blog posts about accessibility, ethics, politics, human rights, love, relationships, and family, so I Googled some of those terms together, and the top result was lifestyle. A very nice definition I found on Wikipedia was: Lifestyle may include views on politics, religion, health, intimacy, and more. This sociological […]

  • Blog 2014: Changing taxonomies

    Blog 2014: Changing taxonomies

    A couple of years ago, I split my multi-topic blog into five blogs, and decided to make my main one about Interpreting and Translation. Since those were the only topics, I decided to make my categories Articles, Editorials, Essays, and Vlogs. This year, however, I decided to reel it all back into this one blog. […]

  • Too busy to blog

    Somehow I feel obliged to post something, but really I’ve been so busy prepping for classes and teaching that I really haven’t felt the need to blog or even post much of anything on social media. I finally understand why some people are not into it at all. It seems to have lost its luster […]

  • A social media presence that reflects the present

    My new focus is on being who I am on social media today, not securing my brand for tomorrow. Rather than creating a social media presence for the Daniel Greene I might someday be, I’m being socially present as the Daniel Greene I am now.

  • Found another blogger writing about vague language (VL)

    I found a couple of blog posts on vague language (VL) just published the past three weeks. Good to see other interpreting / translation bloggers writing about VL! CCJK Blog: Vague Language