Blog 2014: Changing taxonomies

A couple of years ago, I split my multi-topic blog into five blogs, and decided to make my main one about Interpreting and Translation. Since those were the only topics, I decided to make my categories Articles, Editorials, Essays, and Vlogs. This year, however, I decided to reel it all back into this one blog. Since once again my blog would be about several topics, I needed to return to a more topical taxonomy. I changed the old categories to tags, and created new categories to fit my topics: American Sign Language & Deaf Culture, Business, Communications & Media Studies, Creative & Performing Arts, Photography, Education, Interpreting, Linguistics, Food, Lifestyle, and Travel. This taxonomy is a work-in-progress (especially Lifestyle).

I looked to the blogosphere to see how other bloggers were naming their categories and tags because I wanted to make it easier for people to find my stuff. One of the sources I found was this Popular Blog Categories infographic:


That got me wondering what other WordPress bloggers were calling their tags and categories, so I went to the WordPress Reader to explore Tags:

WordPress Tags Feb 9 2014

Some of these tags are ephemeral, like Blackhistorymonth; however, most of them are perennial words for what I’ve written about under different headings. I compared them with my tags and decided to go with the majority of bloggers on some of them: I changed essays to musings, editorials to opinion, and I split off posts tagged articles to either research or stories.

Taxonomy is a balancing act between what I want to call things and what others want to call things. I like to have my style, but if most people are using different words for the same things, I am willing to use their words so they understand me… within reason. I still won’t say presently for currently, but I like musings, opinion, research, and stories. Thanks, bloggers!


Too busy to blog

Somehow I feel obliged to post something, but really I’ve been so busy prepping for classes and teaching that I really haven’t felt the need to blog or even post much of anything on social media. I finally understand why some people are not into it at all. It seems to have lost its luster for me. Anyway, perhaps I will resume blogging, but for now I am busy doing other things.


A cool site for designing color schemes

I recommend Work With Color’s Color Schemer to get complementary colors and multi-color palettes for blogs. To customize two of my blogs, I used the OS X color picker “eye dropper” to copy the color of an element of a blog’s default style and find out what the color’s hexadecimal code was. Then I entered the hex code it into this site, clicked some buttons, and it showed me color schemes to create a pleasing palette.