Came here to support my ASL 101 students who I assigned to go to this Deaf event, meet and sign with some Deaf people, and write about it. I introduced some of them around a bit. God bless the Deaf people who took the time to sign slowly with them!

My new focus is on being who I am on social media today, not securing my brand for tomorrow. Rather than creating a social media presence for the Daniel Greene I might someday be, I'm being socially present as the Daniel Greene I am now.

I’m watching the Community Forum – Conversations Today Shaping Our Tomorrow

I'm not at RID 2013 in person, but I'm watching the Community Forum - Conversations Today Shaping Our Tomorrow live streaming at I'm live tweeting with others who are there and watching it streaming as well. That was fun, participating online!

Deaf Heart, confidentiality, vagueness, and transparency

There is currently a discourse within the American Deaf community about the resignation of two Deaf members of the board of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). The members who resigned, Lewis Merkin and Naomi Sheneman, say that the confidentiality agreements they signed when they joined the board prevent them from discussing in detail... Continue Reading →

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