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  • Antiwar Candlelight Vigil

    Antiwar Candlelight Vigil Originally uploaded by danielgreene. I’m posting this photo to commemorate the efforts made four years ago by American citizens to show the U.S. government that its people were against going to war with Iraq. This vigil was sponsored by MoveOn.org, and it took place in Balboa Park in San Diego, California. Sadly, […]

  • Working on bylaws in HTML and CSS

    Yesterday, I spent some time revising the bylaws I wrote for SDCRID so they could be repurposed for AzRID. The AzRID president asked me to do this, because she had heard from a little bird (Rob Balaam, RID Region 5 Representative) that I had done the bylaws for SDCRID. Since there are some interesting lessons […]

  • Hyper Haiku: Inspired Meditations in Hyperlinked Haiku 俳句

    Hyper Haiku: Inspired Meditations in Hyperlinked Haiku 俳句

    Hyper Haiku 俳句 Inspired Meditations in Hyperlinked Haiku Purpose: I created this site to explore the possibilities of hyperlinking haiku poems, knowing that the medium of hypertext would encourage me to free-associate and be more prolific. I am interested in your experience as a reader of these poems. Most poems will offer at least two […]