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  • Ninth Anniversary

    Andy & I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary on August 8th. We noted the occasion by eating steak and lobster (surf and turf) at home and having red velvet cake. Next year, we’ll have to throw a party!

  • Andy’s Red, White, and Blue Parfait

    Andy’s red, white & blue parfait Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene How could I be with this guy for seven years and not have had “his” red white & blue parfait? Last time he said “I think I’ll make ‘my’ such-and-such” was about something else he made in this 13×9 Pyrex dish– “My breakfast casserole”…

  • Ah, the splendor of chocolate!

    Ah, the splendor of chocolate! Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene I baked this confection using this flourless chocolate cake recipe. Is it delicious? Oh. My. God is it delicious! I had originally bought these eight mini Hershey’s Special Dark bars to eat as little desserts, but today I decided I wanted to bake a flourless…

  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

    I’m making three dozen of these tonight with this recipe: (I took this photo in April, but I’m making more of them tonight!)