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  • Lady under the Weather

    Lady under the Weather (1) Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Our dog Lady has been weak lately. We’re working with the vet to try to figure out what’s wrong with her and help her.

  • Our dogs make the funniest noises when they play-fight

    Our dogs Lady & Buxley were play-fighting today and making the funniest noises while we lay in bed resting! A few years ago, Buxley played like this with Andy because J.J. wasn’t as playful with him. Lady has been great for Buxley and vice-versa.

  • Buxley-like looks

    Buxley-like looks Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Saw this doggie at the Phoenix Pet Expo. This little guy had the same dappled black-and-white underside that our little Buxley has. The look as he turns his head around is even similar. His forearms look longer than Buxley’s, though, and Buxley’s tail is more fox-like.

  • Indian School Dog Park

    Indian School Dog Park Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene This morning we took Buxley & Lady to the dog park at Steele Indian School Park. We met with our friend Mark and his dog Stanley, and we enjoyed meeting other dogs and their owners.

  • Lady’s First Christmas at the Smithers-Greene

    Lady’s 1st Christmas @ Smithers Greene Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Lady says, "Hats are not the fashion for canines such as me; nevertheless, noblesse oblige!" Sir Buxley Smithers-Greene also deigned to pose in a holiday costume. A noble hound indeed!