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  • Cuddle Time with Doggies

    I’m usually in on this myself, but it was great to be able to grab our point & shoot and get this little video of Buxley & Lady playing with each other and one of their daddies.

  • Introducing Lady

    Introducing Lady Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. We have a new family member: Lady. We’ve already known her for more than a year now. She’s our neighbor lady’s dog, and our neighbor decided she just can’t keep up with her anymore. Buxley already fell in love with her when they first met. Adopting her feels […]

  • Remembering J.J.

    Remembering J.J. Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. Andy lit candles and laid J.J.’s collar and leash on the table. I wrapped the collar and leash around the candle and took this photo to complete the artistic expression of our loss. J.J. suffered several seizures in early December but rallied after taking medications for a couple […]

  • Strange but true: J.J. loves to lick master’s wet legs after a shower.

    Strange but true: J.J. loves to lick master’s wet legs after a shower. Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Yes, we don’t know how it happened or why it happened — there’s water in his water bowl! — but our J.J. has gotten into the habit of licking our wet legs after we shower. Heck, he even […]

  • Synchronicity?

    Synchronicity? Originally uploaded by danielgreene. This morning, Andy asked me if I was making coffee (which I was), and I responded sarcastically, “No, I thought we’d have hot chocolate instead.” After saying that, I decided to have hot mocha instead of just coffee. I’ve never made that decision before. It was just a “wild hair.” […]