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  • Making Sense of Tenses

    “If I was you, I wouldn’t have went there and did that.” “This agency is ran by the Deaf.” “I move that the board purchases a new computer.” “It is mandatory that she is on time, and that she has fun and does a good job.” Do the above phrases sound right to you? If […]

  • Finding Your Voice

    Just as your body is the instrument you use to interpret from English to American Sign Language, your voice is the instrument you use to interpret from American Sign Language to English. This article is about learning to tune that instrument so that you may play it like a virtuoso when giving voice to a […]

  • Voicing with Valor

    In what I hope will become an ongoing column, I would like to use this space to address ways in which we can advance our mastery of the spoken word in our sign-to-voice interpretations/transliterations. This column is dedicated to assisting the SDCRID interpreting community in better facilitating communication for both the Deaf and hearing consumers […]

  • “The ADA and Interpreters” workshop review

    On April 2, SCRID sponsored a workshop entitled “The ADA and Interpreters” on the Palomar College campus in San Marcos. The four-hour workshop, presented by Darlene West, gave participants an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it is written, interpreted and enforced. Darlene’s bold and animated style brought to life the five titles […]