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  • Healthy meal on Valentine’s Day

    Had a healthy meal with my husband at Red Lobster. We went not on Valentine’s Day to avoid the crowd, and Andy got the lobster he was craving.

  • Ninth Anniversary

    Andy & I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary on August 8th. We noted the occasion by eating steak and lobster (surf and turf) at home and having red velvet cake. Next year, we’ll have to throw a party!

  • Making our own rules

    Today in the Smithers-Greene, I’ve allowed myself (with Andy’s blessing) to wear prints with patterns. (Buxley doesn’t seem to mind, either.) I’ve also decided it’s okay for last night’s leftovers to make for a light dinner as long as I make up for it with a big piece of leftover birthday cake!

  • Went out for our eighth wedding anniversary

    Andy & I dressed up in the matching shirts we wore for our wedding eight years ago, went out to dinner at Mi Pátio Mexican Restaurant, and shared a hot fudge sundae at Pink Spot Coffee & Ice Cream. Had fun!

  • Made the most delicious banana walnut bread

    Made the most delicious banana walnut bread

    We had ripe bananas and walnuts in the house, so I decided to make banana walnut bread. I had never made it before, so I Googled for a recipe. I found and used this banana walnut bread recipe from Martha Stewart. OMG nom nom nom!