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  • Siri’s possessed “Yeah”

    Siri’s possessed “Yeah”

    I think Siri must’ve been possessed for Halloween. I dictated a nonchalant ‘yeah’ in a message and it read it back to me like somebody saying “Yeah!” with jazz hands. pic.twitter.com/fz2GMn4JF9 — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) November 2, 2018

  • Me and the black butterflies

  • Gay Purride

    Getting lots of friendly compliments on my “Gay Purride” t-shirt at Costco today. Happy gay pride weekend, Phoenix!

  • Colonoscopy goes smoothly, without a hitch

    Colonoscopy goes smoothly, without a hitch

    My first colonoscopy — I am a baby senior — and no polyps. Can you believe NO POLYPS‽ I am amazed. I was all ready to name them: Paul, Philip, Polly… This milestone was easier than I had been told it would be, yet slightly disappointing. The pineapple flavored Nulytely was surprisingly palatable, and though […]

  • Cute joke sign

    "JOKE BOARD: What do you call security guards working outside Samsung shops? Guardians of the Galaxy!" #cute #funny #joke #signs pic.twitter.com/GCYd21cw2D — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) May 12, 2017