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  • We’re not afraid to say it: Happy Chanukah!

    We’re not afraid to say it: Happy Chanukah! Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Our home’s chanukiah (the proper term for a Chanukah menorah) on the first night of Chanukah. It’s displayed prominently in the front kitchen window, facing the street. The title of this photo is a reference to some Christian people’s response to secularism, in […]

  • Andy and Me on Thanksgiving

    Andy and Me on Thanksgiving, originally uploaded by danielgreene. Andy & I went with my dad to Thanksgiving at the Phoenician this year.

  • Busy Rehearsing for Yom Kippur

    I haven’t had any spare time to blog this week, because I’m spending my spare time rehearsing the Kol Nidre song and the Isaiah haftarah for Yom Kippur services this Sunday evening and Monday morning. I first learned to read Hebrew at the age of 32, and I first learned torah and haftarah trope for […]

  • Happy Labor Day!

    Happy Labor Day! Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Today, I partook of an American custom– the Labor Day Pool Party. This year, my partner and I bracketed our summer with a Memorial Day pool party and a Labor Day pool party at the same house. It was fun. Hope you had fun too!

  • Love Song for Husband on YouTube

    In commemoration of our two-year wedding anniversary, I published a video of myself singing a song I wrote for Andy last Valentine’s Day. (I put this on YouTube on our anniversary, August 8, but I’m just getting around to blogging about it here now.)