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  • Our Crazy, Noisy Dogs

    I was awakened this afternoon (staying at home with the flu) to these crazy noises of our dog Buxley playing with Andy. I got up and shot this to capture the hard-to-believe noise he makes.

  • Mama said there would be days like these.

    Mama said there would be days like these. Originally uploaded by danielgreene. This is what three consecutive nights of sub-freezing temperatures did to this plant. I shot this on a cold, cloudy morning just before it began to rain again. I know this is not a pretty picture, but it does document the morbidity of […]

  • Anticipation

    Anticipation Originally uploaded by danielgreene. It’s below freezing here in Phoenix this morning, and the most that will come out of our kitchen sink is an occasional drip. I thought I’d experiment with a blue-toned monochrome for this image, since blue is the color of water (sort of), and the image was fairly monochromatic to […]

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Inspired by the Camera Toss phenomenon, I swung my compact camera by its wriststrap in front of my electric menorah a few days before Chanukah started. It looked so festive, I decided to save it for the New Year.

  • Happy Chanukah – 7th Night

    Happy Chanukah – 7th Night Originally uploaded by danielgreene. I find it challenging to do anything "religiously" (i.e. "consistently," pun intended), and remembering to take a photo of the chanukiah each night of Chanukah this year was no exception. It’s enough just to remember to light the candles (or, in this case, turn the light […]