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  • We’re not afraid to say it: Happy Chanukah!

    We’re not afraid to say it: Happy Chanukah! Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Our home’s chanukiah (the proper term for a Chanukah menorah) on the first night of Chanukah. It’s displayed prominently in the front kitchen window, facing the street. The title of this photo is a reference to some Christian people’s response to secularism, in […]

  • Portrait of Andy “Headshot Style”

    Portrait of Andy "Headshot Style" Originally uploaded by danielgreene. This is a crop and edit of an original photo I took of Andy. The other one looked so much like an actor’s headshot to me, I decided to crop it in 8 x 10 format. I also edited out the blurred light bar that was […]

  • Blossoming Pink Vinca

    Blossoming Pink Vinca. Originally uploaded by danielgreene. I got a new camera, my first SLR (single lens reflex — the kind of full-featured camera that uses interchangeable lenses), and I’ve been taking loads of pictures with it. Click on the picture of the flower above if you’d like to see more of my photos.