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  • Changing my blog theme won’t change my life, but applying for teaching jobs will.

    My husband pointed out to me the other day, when he saw me trying out new WordPress themes, that changing my blog’s theme wouldn’t change my life– that if I wanted to change my life I needed to work on applying for teaching jobs. It’s true. I love trying out new designs (in fact, I […]

  • Meditations on master’s degree

    I meditated this morning and remembered: I’m getting my master’s degree so I can teach at a university. That’s my “dream.” I teach because I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I sometimes forget my dream and my homework feels like an obligation. Last night, I watched GCB and they were talking about […]

  • An old hobo schooled me on the train platform today

    This morning, I ran for the one entrance on the train car that takes me to the seats where you can sit facing forward, because I don’t like swaying side to side or riding backward. As I ran up the the opening doors, I saw an old hobo who had apparently been standing there before […]

  • How do you define success?

    I wrote the other day Am I a winner… or a loser? I wasn’t really asking the world; I was asking myself. Yesterday morning, I felt rather down about my lack of success in the corporate world, and I put out a call for positive strokes on Twitter and Facebook. They both said, “I’m feeling […]

  • Am I a winner… or a loser?

    A recurring theme in my life has been that I feel like a loser. Then again, sometimes I feel like a winner. In order to get a grasp on this, and come clean about feeling like a loser, I am determined to sit down and write it out. In some of my early childhood memories, […]