Meditations on master’s degree

I meditated this morning and remembered:

  • I’m getting my master’s degree so I can teach at a university. That’s my “dream.”
  • I teach because I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.
  • I sometimes forget my dream and my homework feels like an obligation.

Last night, I watched GCB and they were talking about their dreams: what gets them up in the morning, gets them excited about life, makes them feel like they can make a difference, gets them through the day. I remembered that’s how getting my master’s degree should feel. We go into school thinking, “I want to do this!” and then, once we get there, we say, “I have to do this (homework, project, reading, writing, test, practicum, etc.).”

My affirmation now is that I am excited about my dream to teach interpreting in an advanced degree program that makes a difference in the lives of interpreters and the people who use interpreters. I am the one who chose to be in school; this is my choice, not an obligation. I am eager to get up every morning and prepare myself to fulfill my dream.





2 responses to “Meditations on master’s degree”

  1. Andy Smithers Avatar

    I’m your best supporter and want nothing less from you.


  2. traveldancer Avatar

    Great post Daniel. We often make decisions to further our careers but we become so focused on advancing that we forget why we chose that career in the first place. It’s great that you were able to “bring it back to basics” and remind yourself of your love of teaching.


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