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  • Banning the words male & female? Not quite

    Based on the hype and misunderstanding I see on the links people post on social media, and the way some media outlets distort the truth, I am concerned that many people don’t think to look past headlines to read actual stories— and to seek out primary sources. Case in point: if you only read the headlines […]

  • Status Update for July 2015

    What have I been doing since last summer, you ask? I have been teaching ASL classes, mentoring and leading case supervision, interpreting, and teaching interpreting workshops. I have not been much of a blogger because, honestly, as busy as my days have been, the only thing I want to do at night is watch TV. On the weekends, […]

  • Too much Robin Williams on ABC World News

    I liked @robinwilliams & like #ABCWorldNews but can't see why ABC made their whole program about Williams the day he died, & so much since. — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) August 15, 2014

  • Why there is no “Google Gesture” sign-to-speech translator

    Aside from the irresponsible journalism that propagated this story in the first place, the basis for the concept is fundamentally flawed. There cannot be such thing as a wristband a signer can wear that will translate their signed language into spoken language; why? Because signed language is not just on the hands! Signed language is […]

  • Virginia really is for lovers | MSNBC

    Virginia really is for lovers | MSNBC. This is yet another story about  marriage equality in the USA!