Introducing Callie

After my mom died, we adopted her kitty, Callie. I had not wanted to promise my mother we would adopt her, because I feared how our dogs and a cat would get along, but after she died I decided to do it.

Callie is a Maine coon. Very affectionate and gentle! So far, she is telling us where she wants to go by walking out of doors (no, I don’t want to be closed in the bathroom) or walking up to doors (I would like to leave this bedroom, please). She has found a couple few hiding places where she seeks refuge when she wants to, but she has also stood up for herself to our bigger dog, Buxley. She and Zoey (our little Chihuahua) seem to have no problem but for a little tentative advances and retreats. I would love to blog about this more, but I have to finish my master’s degree coursework this month after a week of sitting shiva amidst going out to San Diego to take care of business and help organize a memorial service. Overall, I have high hopes for our three pets.

Pet Expo photography booth and HALO fundraiser a success!

We did a brisk business at Phoenix Pet Expo last Saturday, photographing 65 sittings in 8 hours. At $5 per pet, with 50% going to HALO Animal Rescue plus extra donations, we raised $241.50 for charity. I had great fun meeting people and pets at my booth and taking photos around the Expo. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to have their photos taken and/or donate to HALO, and thanks to Andy, David, and Sean who volunteered to help with the event! More photos to come.