Daniel Greene Photography at Phoenix Pet Expo 2012

The organizers of Phoenix Pet Expo asked me to take photos of this year’s expo after they saw the photos I took of the expo on Flickr in 2010.

Stop by my booth — #337 — at Pet Expo at University of Phoenix next Saturday, April 28. Assistants will be photographing pets and their owners to raise money for HALO Animal Rescue. They recently experienced a theft and property destruction and could use some help; besides, they do good work.

There’s all kinds of fun to be had at the Expo, so go for yourself and say hi to me. You may see me running around the show floor taking photos of anything and everything!


Our Chihuahua Zoey does her ground-scratching ballet

The funniest thing about how our little dog scratches the ground is how she holds her hind legs back in a stretched pose. The other funny thing about her is she will scratch the ground to mark it with the scent glands in her paws even if she hasn’t peed or pooped. I’ve never seen a dog scratch for nothing before and hold the hind legs back in a stretch like that. She’s like a ballerina holding an arabesque.

Introducing our new doggie girl, Zoey

We adopted a new dog into our lives. Her name is Zoey, and she’s a small Chihuahua. If a picture tells a thousand words, then eighteen photos of Zoey tells a nice story. And if a picture tells a thousand words, then a movie tells a million. Here’s a million reasons why we love our new girl: