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  • Re Oralism vs Speaking

    This is my response to Ella Mae Lentz’s vlog about the difference between the philosophy of oralism and the mere act of speaking, either by deaf or hearing people. In this video, signed in ASL—PSE (along the continuum), I tell of my experience as an interpreter with oral deaf, English-oriented deaf, and strongly ASL deaf […]

  • Conference of Interpreter Trainers in San Diego

    I’m here in San Diego for the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT) conference. We’re all wearing this wristband (pic above) to remind us all to communicate in ASL out of respect for the language at the center of our work and for our deaf colleagues who taught it to us and continue to teach it […]

  • Legal Requirements for Self-Employed Persons

    Please note I wrote this in May 2001. Facts may have changed. I did some researching lately on the requirements of self-employed status in San Diego, California (laws may be different elsewhere, of course!), and I found out a few things that I thought you might like to know. Some of these facts you probably […]