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  • Interactive therapeutic touch practitioner

    Interactive therapeutic touch practitioner

    I’m toying with the job title “Interactive Therapeutic Touch Practitioner” as an alterative to “Professional Cuddler,” and I’m curious to know what people think about it.

  • Earned my Professional Cuddler Certificate!

    Earned my Professional Cuddler Certificate!

    After completing my Cuddlist training online in May, I flew to Denver, Colorado to have an approval session in July, which involved a mock Cuddlist client screening and cuddle session. My evaluator, Kassandra Brown, played the role of a client and challenged my ability to spot potential incompatibilities, sensitivities, and pushing of boundaries. She evaluated…

  • Make my fives look nothing like sixes

    Make my fives look nothing like sixes

    Another of my new year’s resolutions is to make my fives look nothing like sixes.

  • Updated my Presenter Bio

    Daniel Greene teaches to improve the lives of interpreters and the consumers they work for. He helps interpreters focus on what they can do before, during, and after assignments, including preparation, interaction, and supervision. He guides his students toward understanding and mastery through critical thinking, experimentation, and reflection. He has been a college instructor, workshop…

  • Mise-en-place your life– I know I need to!

    Mise–en–place (French pronunciation: [miz ã ‘plas]) Yesterday morning, I listened to a story on NPR called “For a More Orderly Life, Organize Like a Chef,” which talked about applying the French culinary concept of mise–en–place (literally, “put in place”) in everyday life. One chef told how he uses mise–en–place for his daily “list.” He said: What I used…