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  • Another image of my photo at Blur Concert

    aftermath Originally uploaded by Rigmarole Here’s another neat photo I found on Flickr, taken by a concertgoer at Hyde Park for Blur’s last UK concert on July 3, 2009. It’s neat to see it in the upper left corner standing out so strong and bright!

  • My Photos at Blur Concert in Hyde Park

    Last Blur concert in Hyde Park Originally uploaded by fingertrouble I got a couple of comments on my original greyhound photo from concert-goers who let me know how my photo had been blown up huge for Blur’s Hyde Park concert on July 3rd. I did a bit of Googling and found this person’s photo of […]

  • My photos on Cabela’s t-shirts!

    My photos on Cabela’s t-shirts! Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Yes, that’s me standing in Cabela’s store in Glendale, AZ, holding up two of the t-shirts my photos were used for– and I’m standing right in front of the taxidermy specimens I photographed! I was so excited to see the fruits of my labor that […]

  • My greyhound photo licensed by Blur

    My greyhound photo on LiveNation Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene I’m happy to say I got a call from London last month from an ad agency called Stylo Rouge that wanted to license my greyhound photo that hit Explore a couple of years ago. It seems that a band called Blur is coming out of […]

  • Published in Eyes of Desire 2, A Deaf GLBT Reader

    Published in Eyes of Desire 2, A Deaf GLBT Reader

    Raymond Luczak published a story of mine in his book Eyes Of Desire 2: A Deaf GLBT Reader, available at Amazon.com.. My story is called “My First Deaf Guy” and it’s about my first lover, who happened to be Deaf, and why we broke up. (It might not be why you think.) I created this […]