My greyhound photo licensed by Blur

My greyhound photo on LiveNation
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

I’m happy to say I got a call from London last month from an ad agency called Stylo Rouge that wanted to license my greyhound photo that hit Explore a couple of years ago. It seems that a band called Blur is coming out of retirement and the agency found my photo to be a good stock "metaphor" for retirement (and a foil for coming out thereof).

This is not the first time I’ve published photos on Flickr and licensed them Creative Commons and been approached online by interested buyers. I’m not deluded enough to imagine that none of my work is being used improperly, but I can say that I’ve never seen nor heard of it. Yet I can say, happily, that I’ve been paid by honest people, and that I’ve also been apprised by other equally honest people who have thanked me for the creative license and told me how they were using my photos for noncommercial purposes. Either way, I’m flattered and I’m happy that my photos are meaningful to people.





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