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Mon Meilleur Ami – My Best Friend movie review

I saw the French movie Mon Meilleur Ami (English title My Best Friend, an aptly literal translation) come up on Amazon Prime today, and the synopsis immediately reminded me of the American movie I Love You, Man— guy who seems to have everything has no best friend and suddenly needs to find one. He goes in search for one, has some funny mismatches, finally meets his match, has him teach him how to be a friend… and I won’t give away the rest (spoilers, darling).

Of course, I am in the same boat as the protagonists of both movies– I have a romantic partner and a number of friends but no best friend. I’ve been curious to watch I Love You Man again, but I was happier to watch this foreign likeness of it, which I suspect the American film was based on, though I can find no statement to that effect.

Anyway, let it suffice to say that Mon Meilleur AmiMy Best Friend is a great movie well worth your time to watch. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn something. And you will probably cherish your best friend or want one even more– maybe with a bit more wisdom about what a best friend is.


Blog 2014: Adding affiliate links to earn money

I just found out that, the advertising-averse blogging platform that hosts this site, allows bloggers to earn revenue by posting affiliate links. What?!? I wish I’d known this years ago! I’m this nice guy who, for years, has had links on this blog to Amazon for books I contributed to — just to make it easier for people to find them — even though I wasn’t getting royalties for purchases or commissions for referrals. All this time, I could have been earning at least a few pennies from Amazon for the business I was sending their way. Who knew?

This affiliate links looks exactly the same as the link I created before; the only difference is I might earn some $$ for it.
This affiliate links looks exactly the same as the link I created before; the only difference is I might earn some $$ for it.

Well, since I’m this nice guy who spreads the word for the greater good, I’m telling the community about this opportunity in case I wasn’t the only one in the dark. Basically, says it’s okay to post affiliate links to goods you like and think your readers might like, as long as you’re a real blogger who writes original content and doesn’t just use your blog to sell stuff.[1] I’ve always been an honest blogger with loads of original content; now I know I can turn my “free advertising” into commissions each time a reader follows one of my product links and chooses to purchase the product. Yay!

There are several affiliate programs out there, but in case you’re interested here’s a link to’s Affiliate Program I just joined. They pay 4% on every purchase readers make from your affiliate links. Hey, even if it only gets a blogger a few dollars a year, it doesn’t hurt.


[1] Support > Policies & Safety > Affiliate Links

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