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  • God’s Own Country (2017) movie review

    God’s Own Country (2017) movie review

    God's Own Country (2017)#IMDb Such a beautiful, sometimes painfully beautiful, movie! Glad I finally got to see it. https://t.co/ZnABpWl1JF — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) April 7, 2018

  • Superbowl LIII halftime show review

    Now @jtimberlake and his “Can’t Stop the Feeling” was probably the best part of the #HalftimeShow. A decent ending, though still not well sound engineered. — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) February 5, 2018 Would good sound engineering for the televising of the #SuperBowl  #halftimeshow be so much to ask? Not to mention the fact that I […]

  • Mon Meilleur Ami – My Best Friend movie review

    Mon Meilleur Ami – My Best Friend movie review

    I saw the French movie Mon Meilleur Ami (English title My Best Friend, an aptly literal translation) come up on Amazon Prime today, and the synopsis immediately reminded me of the American movie I Love You, Man— guy who seems to have everything has no best friend and suddenly needs to find one. He goes in search for […]

  • Pizza Hut better than gourmet pizza

    Keep your overpriced, overhyped hipster foodie pizza 🍕– I’ll take @pizzahut any day! I love #cheesycrust Every slice is a ❤️! pic.twitter.com/57TqL9NnFv — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) November 28, 2017

  • Blog 2014: Adding affiliate links to earn money

    I just found out that WordPress.com, the advertising-averse blogging platform that hosts this site, allows bloggers to earn revenue by posting affiliate links. What?!? I wish I’d known this years ago! I’m this nice guy who, for years, has had links on this blog to Amazon for books I contributed to — just to make it easier for people […]