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  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – very good, but very sad

    Excellent movie, but very hard to watch. At moments, it shows the better nature of humans and apes, but more often it proves why we wage war. If you are sensitive, I would suggest you either watch it when you are feeling strong, watch it at home, or not watch it at all. This movie […]

  • Why there is no “Google Gesture” sign-to-speech translator

    Aside from the irresponsible journalism that propagated this story in the first place, the basis for the concept is fundamentally flawed. There cannot be such thing as a wristband a signer can wear that will translate their signed language into spoken language; why? Because signed language is not just on the hands! Signed language is […]

  • So exciting — trying out multi-focal contact lenses!

    I just put on my first trial pair of multi-focal contact lenses for my presbyopia. The near vision as I’m typing this on my smartphone right now is very nice, and the far vision isn’t bad either. Adjusting between the two is a bit of a challenge, but not nearly as bad as I’ve heard […]

  • Magic Man is a tightly crafted song!

    I was listening to a classic rock station just now, and they played Heart’s “Magic Man.” I remember hearing this song many times when it came out– my mom and her boyfriend played the vinyl LP every day for weeks. I never noticed before today, though, how tightly crafted it was. The verse and chorus […]

  • Superbowl XLVIII Halftime Show

    Bruno Mars did a solid and simple halftime show! I didn’t know he had drumming and dancing skills.