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  • I’m watching the Community Forum – Conversations Today Shaping Our Tomorrow

    I’m not at RID 2013 in person, but I’m watching the Community Forum – Conversations Today Shaping Our Tomorrow live streaming at http://rid.org/content/index.cfm/AID/266. I’m live tweeting with others who are there and watching it streaming as well. Watching Community Forum – Conversations Today Shaping Our Tomorrow #RID2013 http://t.co/aSjidLFgs7 — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) August 10, 2013 #RID2013 […]

  • Deaf Heart, confidentiality, vagueness, and transparency

    There is currently a discourse within the American Deaf community about the resignation of two Deaf members of the board of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). The members who resigned, Lewis Merkin and Naomi Sheneman, say that the confidentiality agreements they signed when they joined the board prevent them from discussing in detail […]

  • Certified Medical Interpreter: A title in your future?

    Medical interpreting certification: An ASL/English interpreter’s perspective Medical interpreting is a specialization, or at least it can be. Yet an ASL/English interpreter who interprets in medical settings is not required to hold a specialist certificate. RID doesn’t have one and never did. Recently, though, the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI), an independent […]

  • Hoy dia me tomé un taller en interpretación trilingüe

    Perdóname si no escribo perfectamente el español, pero estoy feliz de que me fui a la Conferencia Estatal de Arizona RID y tomar un curso práctico sobre la interpretación trilingüe — español, inglés, y lenguaje de señas de Norte América. La maestra era Kristi Casanova de Canales, y el día con ella y de los participantes fue […]

  • RID V conference recap

    RID V conference recap

    Last week, I attended the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Region V Conference 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii as a participant and presenter. I had a great time learning, teaching, networking, and playing. Here’s a recap of my experiences during the conference.