Love my new rainbow heart Cuddlist t-shirt!

This t-shirt means a lot to me. I wear the Cuddlist name proudly since I completed their professional cuddler training and they certified me as a professional cuddler. I wear the color purple proudly, a color that blends the richness of red with the coolness of blue and produces the perfect complement to the color of gold, signifying “the royal treatment” that cuddling is. The heart of the graphic symbolizes the platonic love shared between two humans holding each other in body and soul, the love that a cuddler can show you — not give you, but show you — because you already have that love in your heart, and a cuddler can nurture that love and encourage it to grow. The rainbow colors of the heart symbolize the honesty it takes to discover who you are and how you love, and the pride it takes to declare it, celebrate it, and even fight for it. And the gray towel behind me, well… I needed some kind of plain background for this bathroom selfie, now didn’t I?

Ecstatic as President Obama takes oath of office

This is me and my husband Andy reacting to the final moment of President Barak Hussein Obama’s oath of office to become president of the United States of America. We were not able to watch it together until we both came home from work. Thank goodness for DVR! We were both ecstatic to see our nation’s first Democratic president in eight years — as well as our nation’s first black president — finally take office after such a long wait. I’d like to thank each person who made this possible, and God only knows who you all are. Thank you!!

Just Married!

Just Married!
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene.

I’m posting this on the one-week anniversary of our legal same-sex marriage in California. Since I took it with my Sidekick and uploaded it to Flickr right after our civil ceremony, it’s been viewed (as of this writing) 199 times, had received 53 comments, and 6 people call it a favorite.

A million thanks to all who made it possible for us to get married legally!

Happy We Met Five Years Ago

Happy We Met Five Years Ago
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Andy & I first laid eyes on each other five years before the day we posed for this photo during our camping trip on Mount Lemmon. We’re still in love and as happy to be together as ever– even more so.

We bumped into each other getting in line for coffee at Claire de Lune coffee house in North Park (San Diego, California) on a Saturday morning, May 24, 2003. About all we said was “Hello!” and “Good morning!” and I wanted to meet him but I was busy having a meeting with a friend and he was busy having a meeting with some friends. Luckily, we met two days later, May 26, at a Memorial Day pool party. And we’ve been together ever since. This is the first year since we met that the days and dates we met coincided again.