Ecstatic as President Obama takes oath of office

Ecstatic as President Obama takes oath of office
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

This is me and my husband Andy reacting to the final moment of President Barak Hussein Obama’s oath of office to become president of the United States of America. We were not able to watch it together until we both came home from work. Thank goodness for DVR! We were both ecstatic to see our nation’s first Democratic president in eight years — as well as our nation’s first black president — finally take office after such a long wait. I’d like to thank each person who made this possible, and God only knows who you all are. Thank you!!





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  2. Kelly Rott Avatar

    I hope ya’ll could hear Austin cheering from where you are! We are happy to see the country at large so hopeful again. More good things to come. Hope you and your pups are well!

    Kelly : )


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