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  • Excited about Zero Hour

    I’ve actually been looking forward to watching Zero Hour all week. I’m excited about watching it tonight!  

  • Tweeting the Oscars 2013

    Who knew Seth McFarland could sing? I guess I'm living under a rock. Enjoying the #Oscars so far. Are you? — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) February 25, 2013 The presenters' skits aren't very funny so far. I liked the Jaws theme music for "get off the stage, " though. — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) February 25, 2013 […]

  • Wish I liked Partners but I didn’t

    Tried the premier of Partners but I didn’t like it. Under-utilized actors, un-funny jokes, and un-inspired laugh track.

  • A commercial I can respect

    I love the commercial about the babies in GE incubators in the London hospital. Way to tie in technology w/ human interest w/ #Olympics! — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) August 7, 2012

  • So it takes a genius to work a Mac now?

    So it takes a genius to work a Mac? I remember when it was the computer "for the rest of us." Not a fan of the new ads. http://t.co/N3E2aBZZ — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) August 6, 2012