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  • My thoughts on the opening ceremonies of the Olympics

    I loved the spoken word video montage that introduced the #Olympics. It was poetic, dignified, yet understated. These Isles of Wonder. — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) July 28, 2012 Call me old fashioned, but I dislike seeing Olympians parading with their phones & camcorders out. And some of the worst are US. #Olympics — Daniel Greene […]

  • Webshop Wednesday – ‘Terps on film: Ethical or entertaining?

    Webshop Wednesday – ‘Terps on film: Ethical or entertaining?

    This Wednesday, July 25th, from 9a-noon Arizona Time (UTC-7:00), I am excited to open my workshop to participants on a Google+ Hangout. Interpreters on Google+ have asked me when I would be offering a workshop online, and this is the second time I am. This workshop costs $30 USD and offers .3 continuing education units (CEUs) […]

  • The week in Tweets (okay, three weeks April 1–20)

    “The week in Tweets” sounds good. I’ll try to make it a weekly thing. For now, here are the last three weeks of my Tweets related to communications & media: “Woah woah woah! He is mine.” Funny! #bromance #grimm — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) April 21, 2012 The no more nice girl T-Mobile commercial is a […]

  • A flash of ASL but no captioning? Oh, the irony.

    New iPad video has ASL from 0:35–0:37, but none of the 5:37 video is captioned. ASL sells but captioning costs, #Apple? http://t.co/ZMuVA1j5 — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) March 7, 2012

  • Laughing hysterically at hubby playing Wii Fit Plus

    My husband & I got the Wii Fit Plus game today. That’s him flapping his arms like a bird to play Bird’s-eye Bull’s-eye, and me laughing hysterically in the background. I don’t know how much exercise we got out of our Wii Fit Plus tonight, but the laughs were priceless!