Singing “Try To Remember” from The Fantasticks in 1996

I put on a one–man cabaret concert in 1996. This is one of the songs I sang— “Try To Remember” from The Fantasticks, lyrics by Tom Jones & music by David Schmidt. This performance was held at A Better Worlde Galleria in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego, California in 1996. My pianist was James Bianchi.


Singing answering machine greetings

When I was twenty years old, I made up a couple of outgoing greetings for my answering machine based on an old TV show theme song and a showtune from Bye Bye Birdie. The TV show theme song was from I Love Lucy and the song from Bye Bye Birdie was “Talk to Me” which is originally sung from a telephone booth. Anyway, I created these outgoing greetings and I left them on my answering machine for a little while, and then I felt sort of silly about them and afraid of what people might think, so I took them off. But now here we are in the Age of YouTube, and it’s—gosh—almost twenty-five years later, and I figured, “Why not? Just for fun, share them with the world.” So, here are my silly outgoing greeting songs that I created in 1988. Hope you enjoy! (more…)


Singing “Lucky To Be Me”

Sums up how I feel about meeting my life partner, Andy, almost five years before the day I recorded this. From the Broadway musical On The Town, music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Betty Comden & Adolph Green.

I posted this almost a year ago on our family blog via Flickr (no closed-captions), and at the time, I was critical of my own performance. Now, I just enjoy it. I hope you do, too.

Radames & Aïda in Act III of Aïda

Drew Slatton & Marie-Adele McArthur in a scene from Act III of Aïda.

I am in the male chorus of Phoenix Opera’s production of Aïda at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. I got permission to take photos of the show during Act III, which I’m not in, and it was thrilling to capture dramatic moments in this grand opera. Another photographer turned to me while I was snapping photos and he had a smile on his face that showed me he was on a photographer’s high– it was that look that one person gives another when he’s so bubbling over with happiness he has to turn to his fellow man and say, “isn’t it great?” Turns out the photographer is Howard Paley, the Executive Director of Phoenix Opera. I told him how I would put these photos on Flickr and send him a link to them. I only had enough time to get six hours of sleep and put up a few photos for now, but I look forward to putting up more later this afternoon.

P.S. Back home from work now, I must add that what is astonishing in the chemistry you see here is that Drew Slatton, our new Radames, flew in just before this final dress rehearsal to replace an ailing tenor. He has played Radames several times, and he was able to jump in at the last minute to Save Our Ship. The nimbleness of Phoenix Opera, Drew Slatton, Marie-Adele MacArthur, and all the performers who adjusted to him goes to show the amazing talent and dedication of the opera world!

Production credits: lighting design by Paul Black, costume design and production direction by David Castellano, artistic direction by Gail Dubinbaum, musical direction by John Massaro and stage direction by Albert Sherman. More info at

Sitzprobe at the Orpheum Theatre

First rehearsal with the orchestra for Aida, which opens this Friday night ( get tix from ). Also my first time on the stage of an Orpheum Theatre. My grandmother, Audrey Arent performed here as Linda Preston in the late days of vaudeville. Who knows? I may be standing in her “footprints” right now!