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  • Meeting Liza Minelli

    I met Liza when I worked at J.W. Robinson in Beverly Hills in 1987. I walked up to her and gushed! She smiled, shook my hand, and said, “Thank you.” I worked at Fred Segal on Melrose for about a week and waited on Liza Minelli. She was looking for a scoop-necked t-shirt. At one […]

  • Sad story on NPR made me cry

    Yesterday I heard this story about girls with obstectric fistulas in Ethiopia on NPR. It was so sad, I called Andy to share my grief, and when he answered, I was so choked up I couldn’t even speak. I wish that ignorance and lack of access to resources didn’t cause such awful things to happen […]

  • Would You Want a Leader Who’s Not One of You?

    As an American Sign Language interpreter, I think I have a perspective of American Deaf culture and the issues at Gallaudet University that few hearing people can grasp — and, unfortunately, the messages the average hearing person gleans from the hearing media don’t seem to be doing much to illuminate the situation. I would like […]

  • Publishing on the Web for the Greater Good

    I found the following blog post while searching the Internet to see who was linking to my pages. The guy quoted below found the answers he was looking for in my post “Legal Requirements for Self Employed Persons.” I feel happy that publishing my research helped someone! Wednesday, June 14, 2006 Its so nice when […]