Publishing on the Web for the Greater Good

I found the following blog post while searching the Internet to see who was linking to my pages. The guy quoted below found the answers he was looking for in my post “Legal Requirements for Self Employed Persons.” I feel happy that publishing my research helped someone!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Its so nice when you search on Google and the exact (and somewhat obsure) thing you have been searching for comes up on the first page, giving you all the information you need and ending your worries. This has, fortunately, recently been the case in my search ofhow to work from home in San Diego and report one’s own taxes. As I searched for the requirements in California one of the first things that appeared was this highly instructive piece from Daniel Greene. It really is so great and makes me optomistic about our society that people actually bother to put this stuff up on the web, simply for the use of other people. They themselves benefit nothing from doing so but they help people like myself immensley.

Posted by Dave Hunter at 7:37 PM

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