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  • Sample of my interpreting & transliterating

    As an assignment for the Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies at Western Oregon University (WOU MAIS), I completed a videotaping of myself spending about 20 minutes interpreting a source text I had not heard before: Simon Lewis’s talk “Don’t take consciousness for granted,” at TED.com. There is an interactive transcript that you can view […]

  • July Interpreting Workshops Schedule & Registration Form

    Here’s the complete schedule & registration form for the four workshops I’m presenting in July in Phoenix, Arizona. As you will see, several other presenters are offering multiple workshops as well, and it promises to be a great month for learning. I hope to see you there! If you didn’t notice it before ( 🙂 […]

  • All the details about my workshops in Phoenix this July

    Here are all the details about the workshops I am offering in July, including date, time, title, and description. I will be teaching Vague Language (VL), Genre Recognition, Oral & Sign Transliteration, and Voice Interpreting / Vocal Technique at the Desert Valley Regional Cooperative, 8055 N 24th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85021. You may register by […]

  • Workshops I’m presenting in Phoenix in July

    I will be presenting four workshops this July in Phoenix at the Desert Valley Regional Cooperative, 8055 N 24th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85021: July 6 5p-9p Vague Language July 7 5p-9p Genre Recognition July 19 5p-9p Transliteration July 21 5p-9p Voice Interpreting Call 602-771-5225 or email Amerigo.Berdeski@asdb.az.gov to RSVP. Donations of $20 and up requested. […]

  • The -isms & -ists of Oralism & Oralists

    Since so many people responded on my blog to the first video about this topic, “Re Oralism vs Speaking” that I embedded in a blog post, I have been responding and thinking about this issue. One thing that stands out for me is the meaning of the suffices -ism and -ist. These can simply mean […]