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  • SEE: Allow me to disabuse you of a common misnomer

    From the way I’ve seen people use the term SEE in recent years, I don’t think they know what they’re talking about. I want to dispel the notion that SEE is any and every form of English-like American Sign Language (ASL). English-like ASL goes by many names — contact language, contact variety signing (CVS), conceptually […]

  • WordPress.com themes that display author bylines

    Update: This post is superseded by Blog 2014: Free WordPress themes that display bylines. Original Post: (You can skip to my findings if you like.) To get the best search results for your blog, you will want to verify authorship with Google. Google requires web pages to have bylines such as “By Daniel Greene” or […]

  • How to write blog posts in less time

    How to write blog posts in less time

    I’ll say it up front: I’m tackling this because I struggle with it myself. I spent an hour last night writing a short blog post about interpreting and another two hours this morning returning to it again and again to make revisions. (And that’s after already publishing it last night, which is a no-no.) Rather than […]

  • Consecutive interpreting note-taking tips from Dick Fleming

    I just found this on YouTube, and I love it! Anyone who does consecutive interpreting in any language can benefit from this– and that includes Deaf and hearing interpreters who work in English and ASL. I am excited to find this new resource! (New to me, anyway.)

  • Categories vs. tags

    A tag is what a post is about; a category is what kind of post it is. Consider tutorial as a category, not a tag. #blogging @wordpressdotcom — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) February 25, 2012